About Mary Ann

Over ten years ago, the dolphins began frequenting my dreams and on 11-11-2011, I was able to dive into the deep blue and swim with a pod. I traveled to the Big Island, Hawaii to join them in the gentle Pacific waters.  The first day was absolutely magical as I was flanked by two Hawaii Spinner dolphins; each meeting me eye to eye.  It seemed as if time and space had stopped and I entered their portal!  Since then, each and every swim with them has been a beautiful, heart-expanding experience.

 In 2020, even with all of the chaos that arose, I was called by the humpback whales, who frequent my dreams along with the dolphins, to visit them in the warm nursery waters of Mo’orea, French Polynesia. To say the journey was amazing isn’t sufficient, it was life-changing. The unmatched beauty and tranquility of being transported to paradise is enough to let go of daily life and humdrum stress, but being in the healing ocean waters that are filled with whale tones and their sacred songs brought forth something I hadn’t considered when I left Ohio.

In 2014, I found myself in the ER, as my belly had swelled to that of a woman 9 mo. pregnant. That may sound typical, but I wasn’t pregnant! Instead, I had a uterine fibroid the size of a softball, which was blocking urine flow. Surgery was an option that I would not consider unless it became unbearable. So, for the next several years I managed this problematic health concern and prior to this trip, it rose with a bout of major concern. Friends suggested I take catheters with me, but I didn’t think I could manage to use them, so off I went with my problem intact, hoping that grace would get me through. It was obvious to me the first morning on our boat trip, when once again, urine was blocked. I went back to my room after a long morning of swimming with the whales for the first time and spent the afternoon pondering how I was going to get through this with each slow drip.

Water Transparency With Stones
Ocean Advanture View
Mary Ann

Day two, we went out again early in the morning in search of the lovely giants and found a beautiful whale resting in the deep waters. I was wading over it with my mask in the water trying hard to see it, but what became more relevant and important was the sense of connection and awareness that something special was happening. Not giving it much more thought after the group returned to the boat and then back to our lodging, where I was able to have a regular flow. That didn’t surprise me, because there were often times when this tumor wasn’t troublesome, even though when I would lie down you could clearly see it. What did surprise me, was just that, I couldn’t see it or feel it anymore. It vanished and I’ve never had a symptom or been able to see/ feel it since that day! That something special, I now call my miraculous whale healing.

The journey was also met with lovely people who had joined the retreat. I had a deep desire to extend my stay and explore the trails, waterfalls and indigenous alters (Marae I Afare’aito and Marae Ahu O Mahine) tucked in the mountains. I will guide those who join me to Afare’aitu Waterfall, where my new friend and I were met with exotic eels who were swimming in the pond beneath the fall, offering their own divine energy.  During this extended stay, it became clear that it’s time for me to be a WHALE ambassador and facilitate sacred journeys. In 2024, I will be joined by a group of heart centered, co-creators who wish to experience the Divine universal energy, which flows naturally through the wisdom keepers we know as WHALES.

I’m with the whales in my dreams most nights…. a few nights ago, I looked in the eye of one and knew I could see galaxies (from my 2021 dream journal).

For several years, I’ve kept a dream journal and learned from the renowned Dream Shaman, Robert Moss. Each morning, we’ll gather for a sacred circle, where we can share dreams and other experiences. Now, I ask you, let me be your guide to visit the whales and facilitate your dream journey.

Whale in Ocean
Island Tour View
Water Transparency

Message From The Great White Whales

“Dolphins are the masters of DNA calibrations and can shift old energies very quickly with their healing frequencies. An ongoing study at The Sirius Institute of Hawaii has revealed that dolphins and whales receive and transmit sound signals capable of affecting the genetic double helix. Using natural bio technology, dolphins can actually heal humans swimming near them sonogenetically. Fourteen years of multi-disciplinary study at The Sirius Institute has indicated that expression  of DNA, traditionally considered the blueprint of life, can be changed by the sound and electromagnetic fields generated by dolphins…” (Click on the video to learn more.)

“Beloved Humans: We are your elders and we are the molecular librarians of Earth’s history. We embody conscious creation, and we have the experience and intention to assist you with core level healing. It is our intention to assist humanity in claiming their mastery and restoring your physical forms to radiant health. As you awaken your dormant DNA, you will naturally evolve into awakened genius. You will then live and create from your hearts in communities across the globe where you change the outdated and broken
structures of medicine, education, government and sustainable living. Connect with us now, and we will accelerate your intention to evolve. We are Solution energy. We are the great White Whales. We represent the Cetacean Nations of Earth and we are Cosmic Creators.”

Channel through Laurie Reyon